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Carton Handling:
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The Carton Handling System is ideal for knock-down carton coding and labeling operations. In a few seconds, cartons glide through the system quickly and accurately, coded or labeled to your specifications.

Cartons up to 29.5" wide, 39.4" long, and .39" thick are first loaded into the infeed magazine. A high grip belt drive then holds the carton firmly in place for precise printing or label application on any one of the carton's four sides. After coding or labeling, the carton is pushed through to the discharge magazine, ready for packing or handling.

· Use in conjunction with ink jet coders and automatic labeling systems
Handles up to 2400 cartons an hour
Feeder also available separately

Steel framework makes the unit sturdy enough to withstand continuous use and the PLC allows the unit's speed to be programmed to up to 2400 cartons an hour, depending on the carton size. And with built-in castors and adjustable side guides, the Carton Handling System adapts to most working conditions.

The carton feeder may be purchased separately for semi-automatic, hand-fed operation.

Contact us for more details on how this solution can fit your requirements.