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Transportation Management Software (TMS)
Warehouse Management Software (Radio Frequency) (WMS)
Batch Inventory verification Solution
Pack Verify, MH10 and ASN file builder
Load Planner
Route Planner
Print and Apply
Ticketing Station
Barcode-Relay Program
Automatic Diverters, Scan Tunnels and Conveyors
Automatic Returns Processing High Volume
Carton Handling
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Warehouse Management Solutions
Imagine WMS - Warehouse Management Solutions
Batch physical Inventory verification Solution: (Hand-Held symbol Batch Scanners)

Description: This module is very useful for customers that do not have the volume to invest in a WMS package. Low cost in hardware but yet very efficient to get the inventory count done quickly and accurately.

- Stand Alone
- Interfaced to customer Host
      o Scan location, scan products, enter quantity and uploads information to host       system.

- Benefit:
     o Eliminates manual paper recording
     o Eliminates manual entry to host system and possible errors.
     o Savings in time to do inventory.

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